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Below are true testimonials given by real sellers and buyers of Restaurants that were offered by NERG to the general public for sale. Upon request we can put you in touch with any one of the parties writing a testimonial here in this forum. E-mails of individual testimonials are available upon request for verification!


New England Restaurant Group sold my Pizzeria in Dracut Ma. for exactly what I wanted. The process was pleasant and they supported the buyer also throughout the entire process. I was surprised to see the level of engagement on their part insofar  as the licensing process, selectman's hearing and other inspections with other agency's. You can tell these people have been around this for a long time. I was extremely satisfied with the overall service I received and recommend them to anyone looking for a quick quite exit from your restaurant, or looking to purchase a food and beverage business. I met them at the Food Show in Boston Ma. in 2019.  Author  Dracut Ma.


It was a challenge selling my store in Tewksbury as there were a few Pizza shops close by to my store which intimidated

buyers. New England Restaurant Group handled it quite well and merely pointed out the positives with my store compared to the others. It took a while but they got it done. Very professional, and they have a great knack for finding qualified buyers that are good operators. I'm very happy  Luiz Tewksbury Ma.


New England Restaurant Group sold my Bakery in Lynn Ma that I operated for 25 years. They were fantastic, and got results and found wonderful buyers that owned bakeries and were seasoned experienced operators. Thanks Guys! Joe from Lynn Ma.


New England Restaurant Group found me my dream location in Woburn for my café style breakfast and Pizzeria!

The process was difficult and NERG was there the entire way with lease advise, food & beverage input and just all around very helpful! My family has been in the food & beverage business for years. The new business location is Leonardo's Café in Woburn.


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