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About us


We're an experienced, professional,  and confidential Restaurant and Fast Food Brokerage Company with an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.


Yes, we sell restaurants! Actually, "We don't just sell restaurants, we help people like you buy them"!


Are we the leaders in the industry? Absolutely not. Are we number one? Of course not. Are we the largest Restaurant Brokerage Company in the USA? Sorry, no again!   


We're not number one, we do not claim to be the leaders in the industry, and those that do, do it for a reason. What we are is an honest, hard working company, with years of experience that will sell your restaurant with confidentiality and professionalism! Yes, we will get you out, and do it quickly, confidently, secretively, and most importantly of all, painlessly.  


Naturally, this all depends on your mitigating factors. gross sales, condition of your equipment, space, parking, your lease, your concept, your financial health and your landlord! These are the top bullet points that dictate what you can and will receive for a sale price from  potential buyers.


As Restaurant Brokers, we refuse more listings then we choose to take on. It makes little or no sense to take on a listing, if it doesn't make logical sense. The business will usually just sit on the market and generate no interest.  The longer your business sits on the market and doesn't sell, you risk your customers or employees finding out your business is for sale. If your business doesn't sell for a long time buyers tend to think there is an underlying problem. The object is to try to find a qualified experienced buyer fast! Restaurants take time to sell, they're not a necessity like food, clothing, and shelter.  Add the fact that there are many food and beverage business to choose from makes selling your business, a challenge. We have an extensive database of buyers and sellers from years of selling restaurants with many new callers everyday. We do not sell Gas Stations and Beauty Salons, just Food & Beverage Businesses.


Food, menus, customer service, concepts and equipment can always be improved upon. No parking, bad landlords, troublesome partners, high rent, and terrible leases cannot. No one wants to be working for the landlord, and if you're in a predicament like this we'll tell you this right up front. A lease assessment and or negotiation require knowledge and experience. Lawyers, Landlords, and leases are the three biggest deal killers in our industry. Often, hectic schedules of attorneys frustrate buyers and sellers to no end. High rent and landlords refusing to negotiate also infuriate buyers and sellers, and will often kill a deal.


Please understand Food & Beverage transactions usually take a good amount of time to process. We work around other peoples schedules, Attorneys, City Hall, Selectman Schedule, ABCC Schedule, Accountants, the list is endless. This is why when we take a listing the duration of that listing is a min of 6 months. Frustrated  inexperienced buyers often cancel or back out of a transaction because they're unaware of these facts. There is a 30 day period for all deposits returned on canceled transactions.


So, there's an assessment of your business on top of an evaluation that needs to take place during the listing process. Do you have a troublesome, hard to deal with partner? Is your wife emotionally attached after years of operating your business?  Do you owe money to the DOR? Are you behind on your rent? Are your Real Estate taxes up to date? So, if you owe, how much are you behind? Are your numbers verifiable?  We understand these are very personal questions, however, if your broker does not ask them,  a buyer might, and you will be working your tail off for two months with a good buyer, only to have your offer die a dismal death before the closing if he or she doesn't like the answer. Selling your restaurant is easy, getting the buyer to the closing table is another whole story.


We disclose and publish these reference points for you to help educate you at your listing appointment. Other brokers would not even dare to disclose or ask these so called deal killer questions, (well they may now that they have read this). We hear it from customers (listing sellers), all the time. "Our broker never mentioned these questions". Some brokers will just take your listing, sit back and hope they get lucky. See for yourself! look around! Check things out! Most Restaurant Brokers are ok, but what some are good at, is passing someone's headache or problem (if you have one) onto someone else, without first eliminating or fixing the problem. This is not good if you are providing any owner financing, because you will never collect your  money if there are hidden problems that arise after you sell.


An over priced business is a problem. Owing the landlord a great deal of back rent is a problem. Owing the Department of Revenue a great deal of money is a problem.  (You will need to provide to the buyer a Certificate of Good Standing showing you owe no back meals taxes). Paying 10% or higher of your yearly gross sales in rent can be problem. Brokers, let alone Buyers don't like surprises like this. These types of surprises usually end up rendering your business unsellable, (unless fixed which they can be). If not addressed, issues such as the ones mentioned above will kill a deal before the closing, usually after a substantial amount of work has been done by you and the broker.


In today's market buyers have a lot of choices. Restaurants that are for sale usually will not attract qualified buyers without some form of creative owner financing. Sellers who create an attractive deal, or the best deal will sell quickly in this market, this is a fact!


We will soon be launching an alternative marketing strategy for those of you who want to do it on your own without paying a broker fee. (tm), and will be launching winter 2022.


The New England Restaurant Group Staff!

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