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                                    OUR RESTAURANT BUYER BROKER PROGRAM

Tapping into Psychology

A savvy restaurant broker is one who is constantly thinking about the needs of the buyer, the seller, and everyone involved in the process. This focus on psychology manifests itself in a variety of ways. Digging into what motivates people, and why, is at the forefront of everything we do.

It's important to remember that only a small number of prospective buyers are truly serious about buying, or are really in a position to buy. Weeding out 98% of the interested buyers is a key part of any successful broker’s process. 

Our Role as an Educator

Additionally, you should keep in mind that most prospective buyers will enter the process with a considerable amount of fear. In particular, they will be afraid of making a bad purchase. Legitimate buyers will almost always want to know why a seller wants to sell in the first place.

Your broker should to be able to answer that question in a clear fashion, while simultaneously outlining the huge upside of the opportunity. Always remember that we are educators, and one of the best ways to educate is through the power of the story. Crafting a business’s story goes beyond facts, figures, charts and numbers.

Telling the Story of the Business

 “What most buyers are looking for is something in the story of the business that fits them like a glove, so that they can continue on as the primary owner of the business.” It is up to us to listen to you, the buyer and understand your needs, your experience, and your financial capability. It is only then that we can find a business that will actually fit your needs. is our flagship Buyer Broker Program.

Part of the story of a business involves how it can grow in the future. How you the buyer can bring sales and profitability to the next level. “Our Experience is Priceless”


You’re not buying a pizzeria, or bar to make pizzas and sell liquor, you’re buying a business to earn more money then you have ever made!


Try out our New Buyer Broker Program! Let us handle all the verifications; your location assistance, equipment, landlord negotiations, and City & Town licensing municipalities. It can be a daunting task keeping the attorney’s and licensing entities focused on moving your transaction along quickly. Delays can kill your dream! Our fee for this service is very reasonable.

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!”  

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