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You need more than a good location that looks nice; you need a location that generates the maximum possible income for your enterprise. New England Restaurant Group understands that, and goes beyond the call of duty working  to locate the right food & Beverage Business for you. 

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 Call us today to speak to a pro  about our 3/5 plan. We think you'll be very pleased what we have to offer  Due to the current health crises, values of certain food and beverage businesses are on a steady decline, as many restaurants will be unable to re-open. We will meet with you and if we are unable to help you, we will not waste your time. We only list businesses that make sense, those that will sell. The market has changed dramatically. If you feel your business is worth X and we determine it's only worth Z, we would not take your listing to have it sit on the market for months overpriced. It's not good for our business when we cannot sell your business. The top reason a business does not sell is it is over priced.
We're seasoned Restaurant Brokers who are passionate about helping you to achieve your goals. We're also Restaurant Specialists who understand this business inside and out, top to bottom. We enjoy  a steady flow of qualified buyers created by our mailing lists who have inquired about businesses in the past couple years and are actively looking for a good location that makes sense. Members of our staff are also  ex restaurant owners! We're very passionate and love what we do, it shows in our success. Click here for a complete sales summary.
Browse our current listings which include Full Service Restaurants, Breakfast & Lunch locations. Night Clubs, Pizza locations, Pubs, Asian Restaurants, Catering Company's. Bars, Taverns, Convenience Stores, Package Stores, Food Trucks and much more. We have new listings coming in every day, so check back daily. We have many listings that do not appear on this website as some owner operators choose to not display their business for confidentiality reasons on the internet. We have always said "we cannot sell your business by shouting down a well", however we adhere to every business owners wishes.
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Coming Summer of 2022

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